About Us

The concept of a certified group for integrated management in Pieria was first introduced by Mr Grimouras Asterios in 2008 and was materialized by a number of people from different parts of Pieria Prefecture in 2010. These are:

  • Mr Grimoulas Vasilios from Palio Keramidi
  • Mr Ignatiadis Athanasios, agriculturalist, from Katerini
  • Mr Katsamitas Athanasios , agriculturalist, from Katerini
  • Mr Grimoulas Konstantinos from Palio Keramidi
  • Mr Goutzas Evaggelos from Lagorachi
  • Mr Goutzas Antonios from Lagorachi
  • Mr Kanos Dimitrios from Kolindros
  • Mr Ouzounis Theodoros from Svoronos
  • Mr Kostopoulos Konstantinos from Elatochori
  • Mr Tsakalidis Nikolaos from Kalithea

The group of olive oil producers Olympus Divine is a special member of the Association of Kato Agiannis Producers Union.

The group consists of 320 members divided in two gears.

  • The first gear includes 11 members functioning strictly with the requirements of AGRO GLOPAL GAP model.
  • The second gear follows the requirements of the model with flexibility. This is the lobby leading to the first gear.

Instructions about the cultivation care and dealing with diseases are given to the members with theoritical education during winter as well as practical training in the olive fields during the rest of the growing season. The process is observed by the supervising agriculturalist in the producers' olive fields.