Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olympus Mountain

Olive oil of exceptional quality, extracted straight from olives using exclusively mechanical methods

Olympus, the highest Greek mountain and homeland of ancient Greek gods. Situated at the south edge of Pieria prefecture, next to Pieria mountain range, home of the 9 Muses. Olympus is a mountain of myth and legend. The plain of Pieria stretches in front of it and its slopes, till the coast, are covered with endless olive tree fields. It is there that this Divine Olive Oil is produced.

We carry a rich heritage. We are Greeks.
Remember our history, our civilization, our heroes.
We have to be the best in whatever we produce.

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Our uniqueness is Quality

Which is based on:

  • Olympus microclimate
  • Organoleptic elements of the mineral wealth of Pieria
  • The minimum waiting time for the process of olives in our hi-tech testified oil press
  • The cultivation of olive trees according to the settings of the International Organization for Standardization AGRO GLOPAL GAP
  • The multifarious olive oil from most of the well-known varieties thriving in Greece

...the Divine Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olympus mountain is collected.

Health Claim

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Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidizing stress.

Following the regulation of European Food & Safety Authority, "the Health Claim can only be applied to olive oil containing at least 250mg of polyphenols per 1Kg of olive oil, which means one spoonful of 20gr should contain more than 5mg of polyphenols."

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olympus Divine is one of the very few olive oils which not only fullfil but also exceed this term of the Health Claim and therefore can be labelled with it.

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