Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become the "Olive Oil Production Power", which means:

  • A high- prestige, trustworthy, reliable group of olive oil producers,
  • Playing a major role in our field with our constant and powerful development prospects.
Our mission mission is to create top-quality products, working with professionalism, respect and responsibility. Every single one of us is meant to .
  • make innovations and changes in the way he thinks and acts.
  • set new and high targets of creativity.
  • increase:
    • conscious discipline and seriousness, optimism,
    • self-confidence, integrity, reliability, competitiveness,
    • transparency, flexibility, honesty and trust,
    • patience and insistence,
    • technical skills, consistency and devotion to quality,
    • initiative and team-spirit.

All these can be achieved with really hard work, therefore we say: